Sebastián González

Seba González

Software engineer. Frontend passionate.

I am a very curious person who likes to understand how things work, loves web development and is always learning new things to apply on personal projects 🚀

Tech timeline

Principal Frontend Engineer @ Pedidos Ya

Node JSJavascriptReact

- Home Page Involved in the new web home page which works with backend driven UI. I worked on building the web library which turns a JSON into the UI and the micro frontend responsible of displaying it.

- Subcription program Worked on the micro frontend of the subscription program which is available in the web and also in the apps as a webview. Being pioneers in this aspect and ensuring the quality of the product.

- Web Team I contribute to cross company web projects that help improve the development experience and the quality of the product we build in line with the company's OKRs and KPIs

Senior Frontend Engineer @ Mercado Libre

Node JSJavascriptReactWeb sockets

- Real time chat End to end chat solution to communicate users and support agents with crm integration. I was in charge of building a solution proposal, its architecture, design and implementation. The solution consisted in two micro frontends and a micro service which used web sockets for the real time messaging.

- Voip calls IP calls console micro frontend for support agents and user facing real time call information frontend.

- CRM Migration Migration of the CRM frontend to company's new web architecture.

.NET Developer @ Telectrónica


- Toll systems Development and maintenance of .NET web applications, SQL Server database administration, remote and field implementation.

Computer Science @ Universidad de Morón

- Computer science degree